Arthur Freydin Discusses the Pros and Cons of Being an Independent Business Owner

Arthur Freydin

May 9, 2022

Arthur Freydin

Entrepreneur Arthur Freydin recently discussed the pros and cons of being an independent business owner. 

Successful independent business owners are often envied. However, success doesn’t come without sacrifice. Entrepreneur and independent business leader Arthur Freydin recently discussed the pros and cons of being an independent business owner.

“I’m always proud of my successes as a business leader and marketing specialist, but my success did not come without a lot of sacrifices,” Arthur Freydin said. “I want future entrepreneurs to understand the pros and cons of independent business ownership, so they can decide for themselves whether it’s a path they want to pursue.”

Independent Business Ownership

An independent business is a business that is owned by one person or a small group of individuals. It is not traded on the stock market. This type of business is considered privately held.

There are numerous pros and cons to owning an independent business, and Freydin recently discussed them with his audience.

Pros of an Independent Business

Freydin would say that the pros of owning an independent business outweigh the cons. However, it’s important to understand both before investing your money in this type of business.

One of the major positives is that you are your boss or among a team of bosses. This means you get to play by your own rules and make major decisions. You also can determine the culture of your workplace, which can have a major impact on your happiness and the happiness of your employees.

The opportunity to have the work-life balance you desire is available when owning an independent business. You can determine your priorities and adjust your schedule to accommodate the people and activities you love.

“A major advantage of independent business ownership is that you have your chance to make a difference in the world,” Freydin said.

Cons of Independent Business Ownership

The cons of owning an independent business surround the idea that all of the weight of business ownership falls on you. This means you need a lot of self-discipline and motivation to help your business succeed.

You’re also responsible for the work environment you create and the success and happiness of those working for you. Owning an independent business means making major decisions that may onto always work out the way you please.

“Owning an independent business means you must be comfortable taking risks,” Freydin said. “There’s a possibility your business will fail, and you have to be willing to take that chance. You also have to communicate this possibility to your family, employees, and anyone providing financial assistance.”

Arthur Freydin and Business Ownership

Freydin has seen many successes in independent business ownership. He has dealt with countless successes and failures. Through all the triumphs and tribulations, Freydin is now praised as an expert in performance marketing, including social media advertising, consulting for eCommerce enterprises, and more.