Arthur Freydin Explains How Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

Arthur Freydin

May 9, 2022

Arthur Freydin

Advertising expert Arthur Freydin recently explained how branding can make or break your business. 

Arthur Freydin and his team specialize in social media advertising and growth for eCommerce businesses. He recently discussed the importance of branding and how it can make or break your business.

“Branding connects you to your customers in numerous ways,” Arthur Freydin said. “It can be what attracts them as well as what keeps them coming back.”

Branding Instills Values

Freydin explained that a key part of branding is that it represents your companies values. This creates loyal customers and employees.

Good branding gives your company a sense of humanity, allowing customers to relate to your company on a level that is deeper than business.

Your branding can emphasize that your company is concerned about quality, customer relationships, the environment, and a variety of other moral factors.

Freydin explained that branding also emphasizes the importance of values within the company. It can drive employees to feel like they’re part of a team that shares similar values to their own. An employee that is proud to work for a company becomes a great salesperson and advertiser for that company, even if he or she does not work in those fields.

Branding Your Business

Branding your business is not something that happens overnight. Major companies like Coca-Cola or Chevrolet have been mastering their branding for decades. However, understanding how they created these iconic brands can help you create yours, even if your business is much, much smaller.

  • Be Consistent: Create your branding and stick with us. The more consistent your branding is, the more likely new and old customers are to recognize you.
  • Get Creative: Potential buyers don’t want to see that you’ve simply copied another company’s branding. Create unique products, logos, and slogans to define your company and its values.
  • Make It Streamlined: Overly complicated branding can lead to misunderstanding or potential clients skipping over your product entirely. Streamline your design for a more visually appealing presentation.

Mistakes to Avoid

“Your branding can lead to your business’ success, but it can also lead to its demise,” Freydin said.

Freydin explained that a few key factors can lead to your branding harming your sales. He emphasized the importance of avoiding any branding that may be seen as insensitive. Avoid controversial or sensitive topics whenever possible.

Another way branding can cause companies to fall behind is by refusing to adapt. Freydin explained that another company is sure to adapt to changing times if yours is unable. It’s important to listen to customer concerns and adjust as quickly and effectively as possible.

“Poor customer service can tear a company down quickly,” Freydin said. “It’s important for all employees to understand they’re representing your brand at all times. The customer service experience should be your No. 1 priority, and if it’s not, your company can fall behind.”

Arthur Freydin and Advertising

Arthur Freydin has been praised as an expert in the advertising industry. Contact his team at Tandem Marketing for assistance in creating and marketing your brand.