Arthur Freydin shares 5 popular paid advertising strategies

Arthur Freydin

May 9, 2022

Arthur Freydin

For Arthur Freydin, paid advertising isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s “BASIC.”

BASIC is the acronym used to describe Arthur Freydin’s five-pillar paid advertising approach. As the owner and CEO of Tandem Marketing, he deploys this approach to help brands of all sizes. BASIC enables his clients to generate and scale up their e-commerce sales effortlessly. With as little as $3,000 a month in ad spending, Arthur Freydin can convert this initial investment into more than $100,000 in revenue.

As a long-time advertising and marketing expert, this is an approach that Arthur Freydin has perfected. While he isn’t eager to spill any trade, he is still willing to help. Drawing on his own experience, the New York City-based executive discusses five popular paid advertising strategies that should form the basis of any successful campaign.


Abbreviated as PPC, pay-per-click has withstood the test of time. For decades, this strategy has proven effective. And it shows no signs of slowing down. As an overall strategy, pay-per-click ads produce more leads than organic traffic alone. According to research conducted by WordStream, this method accounts for 65% of all click-throughs. Additionally, pay-per-click visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase when compared to organic users. As Arthur Freydin points out, the data supports this being a viable strategy.

Banner Ads

Like pay-per-click features, banner ads are everywhere because they work. The only difference is that these rectangular ads running at the top of your browser are hard to miss. Banner ads aren’t subtle but are used virtually everywhere. These are displayed in targeted areas and work on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Banner ads are a great way to engage with your audience since these can be customized and interactive. Banners can remain static, play video, or even expand.

Social Media Ads

The dominance of social media has spawned its own category of paid advertising. Arthur Freydin has been on the cutting edge of developing entire campaigns on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. These sites have built-in data analysis and integration, so you can ensure your advertisement is reaching your desired demographic. This is especially popular with millennials. A recent Adobe Digital Insights study found that 57% of this group acknowledge that social media ads are more relevant and carry more weight.

Influencer Marketing

A byproduct of social media’s prevalence is an equally dramatic rise in influencer culture. This method refers to working with a well-known or famous person to promote your brand. By partnering with a celebrity, advertisers are hoping the target audience (and the influencer’s online following) will be convinced to choose your company too. This is a creative strategy to circumvent ad-blocking software that might otherwise suppress your other messages.

Ad Retargeting

Ad retargeting is an emerging tool being implemented by marketers. This approach utilizes cookies to anonymously collect valuable data as users browse online. This information is used to ensure that specific users see only advertisements that are most relevant to them. This highly-targeted approach works best on websites that have larger amounts of traffic. Arthur Freydin recommends incorporating this strategy only if your website generates at least 5,000 unique visitors each month.