Arthur Freydin: Tandem Marketing Lauches a 5-Pillar Paid Advertising System

Arthur Freydin

May 9, 2022

Arthur Freydin

Arthur Freydin of Tandem Marketing recently launched a 5-Pillar Advertising System with comprehensive information on how eCommerce brands can scale up on social media at minimal costs.

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The role of advertising campaigns on social media has changed drastically in the past decade. With the introduction of Facebook and Instagram ads, advertisers can target their audience much more precisely.

Arthur Freydin explains that this has created a whole new world for advertisers to choose to advertise their products to the people who are most likely to buy them. Many eCommerce brands have started using Facebook and Instagram ads as part of their marketing strategy. They believe that these ads are more cost-efficient than other forms of advertising such as TV, radio, or print advertisements.

According to  Arthur Freydin, Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to reach specific audiences. These social media networks offer different ad formats and targeting options, so it is easy for brands to get their message across.

Social media advertising is potent for eCommerce brands. It can be used to reach people worldwide, even if they are not in your target market. As Arthur Freydin notes, brands can use social media advertising to promote their products, increase brand awareness and reach their target audience. An excellent social media campaign can help you improve your website traffic and conversions.

Tandem Marketing’s 5-pillar advertising system, also called Basic, helps e-commerce brands to make the most of social media campaigns regardless of their size. It’s the least cost-effective way of boosting revenue using Facebook and Instagram ads. Companies can invest in Tandem Marketing’s proven process without breaking their bank.

Arthur Freydin says that Basic has the following massive benefits:

  • Find their baselines and measure ROI and RoAS from the start.
  • Create ads that get noticed and help lower CACs and CPCs
  • Scale winning ads while trimming those that are ineffective
  • Gather valuable intelligence and insight prized by senior leadership
  • Collaborate with all state-holding partners, which become an extension of their marketing teams.

As the CEO of Tandem Marketing, Arthur Freydin and his team use “creative development, audience testing and holistic business support to help them scale up to more than $100,000 per month.”  As a result, e-commerce businesses can double their sales effortlessly.

Arthur Freydin has helped many companies, including Pawstruck and Fat Snax, and many others, effectively use the 5-pillar advertising approach to maximize Instagram and Facebook ads. Before assuming the role of CEO at Tandem Marketing, Arthur Freydin successfully led the following companies in various responsibilities:

  • Directed marketing services at ECommerce Partners (2017-18), an ad agency based in Atlanta specializing in eCommerce
  • Served as eCommerce & Social Product Manager at Adworthy (2016-17), a Pennsylvania eCommerce advertising company
  • Business Analytics Director at Buydig/Beach Camera (2014-16), leading a 15-person marketing and product development team
  • He led all 2Modern’s online marketing initiatives as Director of Marketing.

Tandem Marketing also offers marketing consulting, digital marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

Arthur Freydin of Tandem Marketing launched their 5-pillar adverting campaign system detailing how eCommerce companies can boost revenue at low costs.