CEO Arthur Freydin Explains How Paid Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses Grow

Arthur Freydin

May 9, 2022

Arthur Freydin

CEO and marketing expert Arthur Freydin recently discussed the benefits of paid social media marketing for business growth.

Arthur Freydin is the CEO of Tandem Marketing. He is an esteemed marketing expert specializing in social media advertising and growth consultation. Freydin recently discussed the benefits of paid social media marketing for businesses seeking growth.

Arthur Freydin and a Career in Marketing

Freydin has had a passion for the ins and outs of marketing success since grade school. He’s a business leader, entrepreneur, and performing marketing specialist based in the competitive surroundings of New York City.

Tandem Marketing is Freydin’s marketing firm specializing in the growth of eCommerce companies. The firm has perfected the art of creating paid social media marketing campaigns to ignite company growth.

Why Paid Social Media Marketing?

Freydin explained that free social media advertising is effective. However, companies looking to scale faster may want to pursue paid options.

The following are several advantages of choosing paid social media marketing to grow a business.

Reach the Target Audience

The goal of most marketing plans is to reach the people who are most interested in the advertised product. That’s because these are the people most likely to buy it. Paid social media marketing campaigns can target individuals based on their age, location, interests, and more.

The Data Is Priceless

Paid social media marketing campaigns track the performance of the ads, including engagement, reach, clicks, and more. Measuring current marketing campaigns can help a business owner understand which efforts are working and which are not. This can help ignite growth with future campaigns and cut unnecessary spending.

It Remains Affordable

Paid social media marketing remains one of the most affordable forms of marketing. Paid ads on many social media platforms begin at just $1. The spending can be unlimited, but those who set limits and stick to them find that social media advertising remains more affordable than most print, television, and radio ads.

The Profits Can Be Immediate

Many advertising efforts involve creating a call to action and waiting for the customers to enter a store or log online when they return home.

Social media marketing ads are viewed while the audience is currently on a computer, smartphone, or another device. That means they can click on the ad, reach the website, and make a purchase. In some cases, they can even make the purchase immediately without being taken to another site.

“Roughly 84 percent of people find new products through Instagram,” Arthur Freydin said. “This is amazingly up from 64 percent only four years ago. This kind of growth proves that companies should be utilizing these affordable marketing options that are available to them.”

Individuals looking to learn more about social media advertising or seeking a growth consultation can reach Arthur Freydin and his team at Tandem Marketing.