5 Methods of Video Advertising

Arthur Freydin

August 24, 2022

Video Advertising

There are several different methods of Video Advertising. You can use nonlinear, out-stream, and animated video. In addition, you can use call to action buttons to direct viewers to your site or to a specific promotion. Video advertisements should be easy to view and understand. Listed below are five tips for video advertising success. Once you’ve mastered these methods, you can use them to promote your business. Hopefully, you’ll see your business’s results soar.

Out-stream video ads

Out-stream video ads allow publishers to better leverage the value of their content and create more opportunities to plug video ads into non-video content. They can also increase user engagement and help drive higher pricing on ad inventory. Besides this, publishers can choose from a variety of ad formats for their out-stream video content. Read on to learn more.

Out-stream advertising allows publishers to offer video inventory in a fast, scalable fashion. Out-stream is especially beneficial for advertisers looking to target specific demographics and behaviors. While the in-stream video placement on websites can reach a certain demographic, out-stream provides the scale necessary to identify the most relevant users. For instance, a marketer targeting women who use lipstick could potentially reach 40,000 people before they’re ready to make a purchase. Further segmentation could significantly reduce the number of prospects.

Nonlinear video ads

While linear video ads mimic the format of TV commercials, they aren’t always the most effective for digital advertising. Linear videos typically run 15 to 30 seconds and are part of the program. Nonlinear video ads, on the other hand, play during the main content and may be more successful in luring viewers away. These videos may include a close button and automatically shrink to fit on a user’s screen.

Nonlinear video ads are a good option for brands that don’t want to interrupt the main content. They can be placed at the beginning or end of a video and are often the most effective in catching the attention of the viewer. Post-roll ads appear at the end of the main video, where they can be less disruptive to the experience. Nonlinear video ads can be used on all platforms, including YouTube, as well as on audio streaming services.

Animated video advertising

Animated videos are a great way to increase your video advertising conversions and reach a wider audience. These short videos have more information and can be viewed in less time. In fact, 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video, and 85% of businesses use video in their marketing efforts. By not using these types of videos, you are missing out on your target audience. Animated videos are effective for marketing a wide variety of products and services, so consider them for your next video campaign.

The popularity of animated videos has increased because of their simplicity. Animated videos can be promotional or informative and are more cost-effective than live-action video production. Many social media platforms automatically loop animated videos. However, if you want your ad to air on television, you’ll have to pay for a spot that runs for a millisecond. Animated videos are also a great option for small business video advertising budgets.

Call to action buttons

The call-to-action button is a straightforward way to ask the viewer to take some sort of action.  They can contain promo codes, dates, and other information to drive viewers to a particular action or conversion. They can direct viewers to a subscription form, order form, or other form where they can complete an action. The call-to-action button is usually accompanied by a short and imperative message to encourage the viewer to take action.

In addition to being used at the end of a video, call-to-action buttons are also useful at the beginning. While a call-to-action button that appears at the beginning of a video may be effective, it will not be helpful if the viewer doesn’t have time to finish watching the entire video. It might also lose viewers who don’t want to waste their time watching the video. Thus, it is important to choose the right location for call-to-action buttons for video advertising.